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Emptiness Dancing

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In recent years, the bold new teacher known as Adyashanti has dared hundreds of students across North America to ask, ?What is ultimately behind this set of eyes?? For it is in the process of this inquiry that we let go of who we think we are, and begin to understand what we are. With Emptiness Dancing, readers will explore these subtle differences, and many other human perceptions?and misconceptions?that we live by, including: ? Openness: Discover the freedom available when you cultivate an open heart and an open mind, and lose your self-image to total presence. ? Love: Enjoy the peace from being the essence of love at every moment, with everyone and everything you experience. ? Ego: Unmask the ?fall guy of spirituality? for what it is, and release yourself from the fruitless pursuit of?and running away from?something that doesn?t really exist. ?The funny thing about enlightenment, or awakening, is that we miss it even though it's not hidden, ? Adya teaches. ?It is hard to find because it is right here.? Destined to become a spiritual classic, Emptiness Dancing brings readers Adyashanti's quintessential teachings in a mind-to-mind transmission from this gifted teacher.

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